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Walking Among the Churches-Pt. V of Revelation Series

Sunday Evening Message by Worship Pastor Anthony Counts

Walking Among the Churches-Pt. V

Revelation 3:1-6

Introduction: The letter to Sardis is tragic, especially in view of the fact that “life” is to be a characteristic of a born-again Christian, and should be evidenced in every body of believers.

  • The Correspondent

Here we see that Jesus represents Himself as the One who sovereignly works in His church through the Holy Spirit and through divinely appointed messengers.

  • The Church

There is a reason why this letter does not speak of persecution, false doctrine, false teachers, or corrupt living.


  • The Commendation

Even in Sardis there were a few:

  1. Sincere among the hypocrites
  2. Humble among the proud
  3. Separated among the worldly
  4. Stalks of wheat among the tares

Matthew 17:2,     Mark 9:3,     Acts 1:10


  • The Concern

There are definite warning signs that a church is dying

Ephesians 2:3-6


  • The Command

Spiritual restoration is possible through five steps:

  1. Wake up…
  2. Strengthen what remains…
  3. Remember
  4. Keep the Word…
  5. Repent of sin…


  • The Counsel

The comforting truth that the true Christian’s salvation is eternally secure is the unmistakable teaching of Scripture.


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