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Behold, He is Coming - Part 1 continued

Behold, HE is Coming - Part 1

Revelation 1:7-8

1.  The Necessity of His Coming:

Review from last week.

             A. The Promises of God Require Christ's Return.

             B. The Predictions of Jesus Demand Christ's Return.

             C. The Guarantee of the Holy Spirit Promises Christ's Return.

             D. God's Program for the Church Necessitates Christ's Return.

This Week:

E. Christ's Program for the Unbelieving Nations Dictates Christ's Return.

F. God's Program for Israel Leads to It.

G. Christ's Humiliation Cries Out for Christ's Return.

H. The JUdgement of Satan Calls for Christ's Return.

I The Expectation of Believers Longs for Christ's Return!

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